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The real answer is nuclear, not plastic

Plastic bags are much in the news. Gordon Brown announced he’ll back a move to charge people for them, so that we’ll use fewer.

Our Mutual Friends

Clean-tech stocks have been public market players for a couple of years and the theme for 2007 was the entry of green funds.

Independents Take Measured Steps to Sustainability

It is no surprise that environmental sustainability has risen to the forefront of the food distribution industry as an important issue, given rising energy costs, the threat of climate change and dire

Killing the electric car, again

If you’ve seen the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?

Did the Standard tell the truth about the Heathrow climate change camp?

Something unusual is going to happen tomorrow. The Press Complaints Commission, Britain’s only arbiter of fairness and accuracy in our newspapers, is due to make a ruling.


Republicans are no longer denying the scientific basis for global warming.

Green U

I wasn’t a very enlightened college student and, like many today, I spent most of my out-of class time partying until all hours of the morning.

Green Spaces and Places

Lifestyle centers are, by their very nature, green--what with the open-air format’s green spaces, lush landscaping, parks and playgrounds.

What Stinkin’ Green Jobs? (Opinion)

In Brita Belli’s article „Welcome to Green-Collar America,“ (feature, November/December 2007) she said that it’s important to „pick a niche without any sense of ideological blinders.“ As a

“Green Economics”: Turning Mainstream Thinking on Its Head

A few years ago, a homeowner in Las Vegas—a place that gets maybe five inches of rainfall a year—was confronted by a water district inspector for running an illegal sprinkler in the middle of the

Green Building: Saving the Planet at Home

Have you ever wondered what happened to all of the stuff that is put out on the curb to be recycled?

Going green

In 2007, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors rolled out its Green Initiative program, which challenged county departments to adopt goals and measures that address „green“ issues such as energ

Global warming mascot left in the cold by delays

Temperatures are rising over the delay in deciding whether to list the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act.

The Global Warming Debate: Science and Scientists in a Democracy

It is important that the public have a reasonable understanding of what science is and of what science can and cannot do in helping to settle issues that eventually reach the public square and thus ta

Global Warming as a By-product of the Capitalist Treadmill of Production

Global warming constitutes one of the most important issues of the 21st century, along with the growing gap between the rich and the poor within and between nation-states, thanks to corporate globaliz