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Fear for the future

How do people feel about global warming?

Expert bogeymen

It’s well known that bad news sells more papers and attracts more viewers than good news.

Ethanol from Wood Chips - via Termites?

Could a solution to the world’s energy crisis be found in the guts of a Costa Rican termite? What about in cow manure? Or maybe secreted by a certain species of fungi?

Environmental hysterics

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley recently warned that failure to take action on global warming could mean the extinction of the human race.

Ecology Against Capitalism

In a 1963 talk on “The Pollution of Our Environment” Rachel Carson drew a close comparison between the reluctance of society in the late twentieth century to embrace the full implications of ecolo

Ecological safety: new challenges to the planet

The actual life has forced to doubt the validity of popular theoretical statements, which emphasised the tendency of thesociety’s and man’s longing to undoubtedly and unambiguously follow the road

It Takes an Eco-Village

In 1981, when 22-year-old David Tollas moved from Michigan to live in the middle of the Arizona desert as part of the Arcosanti community, his friends and family looked at him as a radical idealist.

Don’t mix

Officials in Tampa, Florida, got a surprise recently when a local firm building the state’s first ethanol-production factory put in a request for 400,000 gallons (1.5 m litres) a day of city water.

Damage to the planet ‘is already inevitable’

Climate change is so far advanced that serious damage to the environment is inevitable, scientists told a conference yesterday.

Be an Insider On Social Responsibility

Human resource professionals can tie what they do to business strategy, impact the bottom line, gain respect of the C-suite and boost their careers with three little letters: C-S-R.

Convert Your Car

Sick of getting gouged at the gas pump? Now’s the Lime to switch to vegetable oil, Here’s how to do it right.

Britain is stealing the US crown of No 1 climate villain

This is a truly shaming moment for Gordon Brown’s government. On Monday ministers were once more accused of failing to fully assess the environmental impact of a third runway at Heathrow.

Keys to Climate Protection

Technology policy lies at the core of the climate change challenge.

Attacking Climate Change in Court

For decades, the Inupiat people have lived a simple life in the tiny Alaskan village of Kivalina, subsisting by hunting for caribou and bearded seal and fishing for salmon and arctic char.

Climate Change to Reduce European Holidays to the Mediterranean

Climate changes directly affect tourism.