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Cleaner, Greener U.

Climate change is our generation’s civil rights movement,“ says Brianna Cayo Cotter, communications director for the Energy Action Coalition, swilling from a tall cup of coffee.

The Clean Energy Scam

From his Cessna a mile above the southern Amazon, John Carter looks down on the destruction of the world’s greatest ecological jewel.

Clean Energy: It’s Getting Affordable

Clean-energy critics are fixated on cost. To them, the use and deployment of renewable sources of energy simply doesn’t make financial sense.

China takes environmental control

The ancient proverb, „the mountains are high and the emperor is far away,“ has often been used by Western commentators to describe the difficulty in enforcing central government legislation across

Borneo Project: Burning for Biofuels

Several years ago, energy reformers were sure that a „biofuel revolution“ would be a key to stabilizing global climate while providing abundant, renewable energy.

Biofuels are no panacea

Barely seven weeks after a bold energy bill became law, two Senate leaders fear the biofuel doses prescribed are no environmental cure-all. New Mexico Sens.


Biofuels have received much attention over the past year as researchers look for solutions to skyrocketing gasoline prices, threats to energy security, and everincreasing pressure to reduce greenhouse

Biofuel carbon debt may take centuries to repay

Most biofuels may increase greenhouse gas emissions because clearing grassland or forest to plant them releases carbon dioxide, two groups of US researchers have independently concluded.

‘Green’ bandwagon is getting a big push

"The missing ingredient is the force of public opinion.“ That’s the line Cathy Zoi recalls from former vice president Al Gore when he urged her to become CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection

Bathroom Revamp: Savings by the Gallon

There’s a reason Europeans call them water closets.

You can bank on it

A study of the world’s largest banks shows there has been „unimaginable“ progress in the sector regarding climate change compared to just a few years ago.

As The World Warms

"If for some reason you are not willing to lead, leave it to the rest of us.

Apocalypse on You! Millenarian Frenzy in Debates on Global Warming

Having failed to gain more than cursory attention from politicians, the media and the general public for several decades, the issue of global warming has suddenly achieved notoriety.

Anthropology and Global Warming: The Need for Environmental Engagement

Over decades, a relatively small group of anthropologists has contributed to our understanding of how societies deal with environmental change and climate variability (e.g.

100 Ways to Save The Environment